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E-mail Choices

Pick the mailbox you prefer

Pick the mailbox you prefer

Use this plug-in to send your e-mails immediately, without having to pick the e-mail service that you want to use each and every time. Once you have set your favourite e-mail service, you will be able to automatically open a new tab with your preferred mailbox, all with a single click.

You can send as many e-mails as you want, but best of all, you will save time! Once installed in your browser, the E-mail Choices extension allows you to send an e-mail via your preferred mailbox from any website contact page.

Simply click on a “Contact” button or the “Mail” icon to be taken to your e-mail service immediately. In only a few seconds, you will be able to write your e-mail and send it to the recipient you want.

Do you need to change your default mailbox? You can choose a new favourite mailbox at any time using our plugin.

The plug-in protects your personal data, and does not store browsing history. By installing E-mail Choices, you accept our privacy policy.

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